Valuation Advisory

In today's business environment, the word value can mean different things to different people.

Watkins Walsh Associates performs independent business valuations using the latest techniques to produce accurate and credible determinations of value.  As an independent firm, we offer valuation services that are objective and reliable.  Our valuation conclusions are based on a thorough analysis that includes the many different elements affecting a company's value.

Dispute Resolution Services

When commercial, tax or family law disputes involve controversy over the value of assets or the financial consequences of certain actions, complex technical matters must often be presented in a clear, logical and concise manner.  We are highly experienced in working closely with litigating teams to provide expert valuation services, economic analysis, financial advice, and expert witness testimony in major lawsuits and other dispute resolution matters.

Management Consulting

Whether it's related to M&A activities or internal matters we can help you make better decisions by analyzing and communicating pertinent data.


Practice Areas

Business valuations

Dispute Resolution

Litigation consulting

Forensic Accounting

Economic Analysis

Business Damages


Financial Investigations

Feasibility Analysis

Solvency Opinions

Expert Witness Testimony